Responsibilities of an Experienced Mobile App Development Team

We have discussed with thousands of clients over the years a question was often asked right away is who will work on my project we understand that not everyone is aware of the roles each person plays when developing mobile applications. So we are here to help explain the number of people who work on your project will widely vary and depend on houses most commonly a project will include an assortment of the following roles during some part of the development process. Solutions architect UX designer application architect software engineer interface engineer technical project manager and Quality Assurance, engineer. Now you’re probably wondering who does what and why it takes a variety of folks to create a mobile app development team that’s a valid curiosity let’s dive a little deeper into each role and what it is they do first your project will likely consist of the following different phases-

Responsibilities of an Experienced Mobile App Development Team
Mobile App Development Team

Determine the technology used for the project

We have discovery then design and last implementation in the discovery phase our solutions architects begin the process of truly understanding your business’s technology needs they’ll dive deep into your established requirements as well as investigate the unknowns that could vastly improve the value a software application can bring to your organization they might create user stories consult with various members of your team and layout the design architecture required for the design and implementation.

Support the development team through the build process

Application architects software engineers and interface engineers all play specific roles in writing the code that is essential to a fully functioning application let’s dive a little deeper into those roles application architects lead the software architecture and technical guidance on our project teams at Seoul Tech they work directly with the solutions architects to ensure the right technology choices are made as well as guide resource allocation according to the needs of an application they’ll help select the software engineers and interface engineers that will be required to make a project as success software engineers take over the server-side development.

Turn the product or project vision into a visual thing

While interface engineers write the code that will interact directly with the end-user quality assurance engineers work in tandem with the rest of the implementation mobile development team testing code as it is written from the developers so that a smoothly running application is created in the end and all possible bugs have been anticipated and resolved we hope this helps you understand the roles that make the success of our projects.


During the design phase you’ll work with our user experience designers to create the best experience for your end-users from the visual to the navigable elements of your project they’ll create wireframes mock-ups and visual assets to help you visualize the end result in the implementation phase multiple people will work on your application including a technical project manager who will steer the ship and communicate status to you every step of the way project managers ensure the project is completed on time and within budget as well as provide translation between our client and the engineering team.

My name Saurabh and I am working as Content Strategist at Sodality. I am a professional tech writer and content strategist with an app development background.

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